Policy Manual

LPPS Current Policy Manual


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AA School District Legal Status

AB School Board Legal Status

ABA Authority

ABB Powers and Responsibilities

ABC Board Members Legal Status

ABCA Number

ABCB Qualifications for School Board Members

ABCC Term of Office

ABCD Method of Election

ABCDA Unexpired Term Fulfillment

ABCE Resignation

ABCF Removal from Office

ABD School Board Liability

ABE School Superintendent Legal Status

AC School District Organization - SN The plan which sets forth the district's levels of instruction - K-8, 9-12, K-6, 7-9, 10-12 or otherwise.

AD School Attendance Areas

ADA School Census

AE School Year

AEA School Calendar

AF School Day

AFA Double Sessions

AFB Evening Sessions


BA Goals and Objectives

BB Internal Organization

BBA Officers

BBB Members

BBBA Duties of Board Members 

BBBB Board Member Orientation

BBBC Board Member Continuing Education

BBBD Bonded Members

BBBE Board Member Compensation and Expenses

BBC Board Committees

BBD Board - School Superintendent Relations

BBE School Attorney

BBF Advisory Committees

BBG Consultants

BC Meetings

BCA Types

BCAA Organizational

SN The organizational meeting of the Board, usually once a year, when the Board elects its officers

BCAB Regular

BCAC Special

BCAD Hearings

BCB Board Meeting Procedures

BCBA Time and Place

BCBB Notification of Board Meetings

BCBC Preparation

BCBD Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

BCBE Distribution of Materials

BCBF Rules of Order

BCBG Voting Method at Board Meetings

BCBH Minutes of Board Meetings

BCBI Public Participation in School Board Meetings

BCBJ Board Meeting News Coverage

BCBK Executive Sessions

BD - School Board Policy

BDA Policy Development System

BDB Policy Drafting

BDC Policy Adoption

BDD Policy Dissemination

BDE Policy Review

BDF Administrative Regulations and Procedures

BDG Administration in Policy Absence

BDH Suspension of Policies

BE Policy Implementation

BF (Reserved)

BG Memberships

BGA School Boards Associations

BH Board Member Ethics


CA Goals and Objectives

CB School Superintendent

CBA Superintendent Qualifications

CBB Superintendent Powers and Responsibilities

CBC Recruitment of Superintendent

CBD Employment of the Superintendent

CBE Compensation and Benefits

CBF Expenses

CBG Professional Development Opportunities

CBH Consulting

CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent

CBJ Termination

CBK Resignation

CBL Retirement

CC Administrative Organizational Plan

CCA Organizational Charts

CCB Line and Staff Relations

CD School Building Administration

CDA School Principals/Building Administrators

CDB Evaluation of Principals/Building Administrators

CDC Assignment and Transfer of Building Administrators

CDD Site- or School-Based Management

CDE School Climate

CDF Support Personnel for Building Administration

CDG Elementary School Administration

CDH Secondary School Administration

CDHA Middle School/Junior High Administration

CDHB High School Administration

CE Special Administrative Programs

CEA Temporary Administrators

CEB Administrative Intern Program

CEC Summer Programs Administration

CF Administrative Councils, Cabinets, and Committees

CG Administrative Records

CH Administrative Reports
CN Administrative  Records


DA Goals and Objectives

DB Planning Programming Budgeting System

DC Annual Operating Budget

DCA Goals and Objectives

DCB Fiscal Year

DCC Budget Planning and Preparation

DCD (Reserved)

DCE Final Adoption Procedures

DCF Appeals Procedures

DCG Encumbrances

DCH Periodic Budget Reconciliation

DCI Line Item Transfer Authority

DD State & Federal Aid Eligibility Determination

DE Debt Limitation

DEA Debt Service Payments

DF Revenues

DFA Local Tax Revenues

DFB State Revenues

DFC Federal Revenues

DFD Tax and Bond Elections and Sales

DFE Short Term Notes

DFF Grants

DFG Fees, Payments, and Rentals

DFGA Admissions and Gate Receipts

DFH Tuition Income

DFI Lease of School Lands

DFJ Fines

DFK Gifts and Bequests

DFL Cash management and Investments

DFM Sale of Surplus Equipment and Supplies

DFN Sale of Buildings and Lands

DG Depository of Funds

DH Bonded Employees

DI Accounting and Reporting

DIA Accounting System

DIB Financial Reports and Statements

DIBA Reporting of ARRA Funds

DIC Inventories

DID Audits

DIE Records Retention

DJ Expenditure of Funds

DJA Authorized Signatures

DJAB Check-Writing Services

DJB Petty Cash Accounts

DJC Payroll Procedures

DJCA Pay Day Schedules

DJCB Salary Deductions

DJD Expense Reimbursement

DJE Purchasing

DJEA Purchasing Authority

DJEB Quality Control

DJEC Cost Control

DJED Bids and Quotations

DJEE Local Purchasing

DJEF Requisitions

DJEG Purchase Orders and Contracts

DJEH Payment Procedures

DJF Lease and Rental Payments

DJG Notes and Bond Payments

DK Student Activities Funds Management

DL Cash In School Buildings

DM Surplus Funds

DN School Property Disposal

DO School Loans

EA Goals and Objectives

EB Buildings and Grounds Management

EBA Inspections

EBB Safety Program

EBBA Fire Prevention

EBBB Warning Systems

EBBC Emergency/Crisis Management

EBBD School Closings and Cancellation

EBBE Traffic and Parking Controls

EBBF Safety Inspections

EBBG Hazardous Substances

EBBH Use Of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

EBC Building and Grounds Security

EBCA Vandalism

EBD Energy Conservation

EBE Heating and Lighting

EBF Sanitation

EBG Repairs

EBH Leasing and Renting

EBI Long-Range Maintenance Program

EBJ Buildings and Grounds Records

EC Equipment and Supplies Management

ECH Authorized Uses of Equipment

ED Student Transportation Management

EDA Carrier Types

EDAA School-Owned Buses

EDAB Leased Buses

EDAC Contracted Bus Service

EDAD Public Carriers

EDAE Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

EDAF Driver Education Vehicles

EDB Business and Personnel Transportation Management

EDBA Responsibility For Vehicle Operation

EDBB Use of Private Vehicles for School Business

EDC Safety

EDCA School Bus Safety Inspections

EDD School Bus Scheduling and Routing

EDDA Special Use of School Buses

EDDB Authorized Passengers

EDE Maintenance Program

EDF Transportation Records

EE Child Nutrition Program Management

EEA Free Food Service

EEB Sanitation Inspections

EEC Food Services Records

EF Data Management

EFA Computer and Internet Use for Employees

EG Insurance and Risk Management

EGA Staff Insurance Program

EGAA Workers' Compensation

EGAB Life Insurance

EGAC Health Insurance

EGAD Disability

EGAE Annuities

EGB Student Insurance Program

EGC Property Insurance

EGD Automobile Liability


FA Goals and Objectives

FB Building Committees

FC Information Campaigns

FD Long-Range Planning

FDA Long-Range Planning Involvement

FDB Long-Range Needs Determination

FDC Naming New Facilities

FE Facilities Planning

FF Facilities Financing

FG Facilities Construction Administration

FGA Supervision of Construction

FGB Site Acquisition Procedures

FGC Bids and Quotations

FGD Contracts

FGE (Reserved)

FGF Quality Control

FGFA Inspections

FGFB Field Checks

FGG Change Orders

FGH Payment Procedures

FGI Building Project Records and Reports

FH Completed Project

FHA Board Inspection and Acceptance of Facilities

FHB Staff Training for Occupancy

FHC Public Dedication

FHCA Names on Building Plaques

FI Temporary School Facilities

FJ Facilities Renovations


GA General Section

GAA Goals and Objectives

GAAA Equal Opportunity Employment

GAAB Individuals With Disabilities

GAB Budget Planning Involvement

GAC Staff Involvement in Decision-making

GAD Professional Development Opportunities

GAE Complaints and Grievances

GAEA Staff Protection

GAEAA Sexual Harassment

GAF Staff-Student Relations

GAG Staff Conflict of Interest

GAH Community Relations

GAHA Participation in Community Activities

GAHB Political Activities

GAHC Public Appearances

GAI Solicitations

GAIA Solicitations by Staff Members

GAIB Solicitations of Staff Members

GAJ Gifts

GAJA Gifts by Staff Members

GAJB Gifts to Staff Members

GAK Personnel Records

GAL Ethics

GAM Working Conditions

GAMA Tobacco Use

GAMIA Electronic Communications Between Employees and Students

GAMB Dress Code

GAMC Employee Investigations

GAMD Drug Free Workplace

GAME Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing

GAMF Employee Health and Safety

GAMFA Communicable Diseases

GAMFB Handling of Body Fluids

GAMFC Health Examinations

GAMG Dangerous Weapons

GAMH Defense and Indemnification of Employees


GAMIA Electronic Communications Between Employees and Students              

GAMJ Miscellaneous Conditions Of Employment

GB Professional Personnel Section            

GBA Contracts and Compensation  

Compensation Guidelines/Overtime 

GBB Personnel Positions

GBBA Qualifications and Duties

GBC Recruitment

GBD Employment

GBDA - Employment of Retired Personnel

GBE Assignment

GBF Orientation

GBG Probation

GBH Supervision

GBI Evaluation

GBJ Promotion

GBK Employee Discipline

GBL Tenure

GBM Transfer

GBN Dismissal of Employees

GBNA Reduction of Personnel

GBO Resignation

GBP Reemployment

GBQ Retirement

GBR General Duties and Responsibilities

GBRA Employee Conduct

GBRB Employee Attendance

GBRC Work Load

GBRD Staff Meetings

GBRE Extra Duty

GBRF (Reserved)

GBRG Nonschool Employment

GBRH Professional Leaves and Absences

GBRHA Sabbatical Leave

GBRHB Conferences and Visitations

GBRIA General Leaves of Absence

GBRIB Sick Leave

GBRIBA Family and Medical Leave

GBRIBB Sick Leave Bank

GBRIC Maternity

GBRID Military

GBRIE Religious

GBRIF Bereavement

GBRIG Public Service

GBRIH Jury Duty or Subpoenas

GBRJ Substitute Personnel

GBRK Annual Leave

GBRL Holidays

GBS Professional Organizations

GC Support Staff Section

GCA Compensation Guides and Contracts

GCB Support Staff Positions

GCBA Qualifications and Duties

GCC Recruitment

GCD Employment

GCE Assignment

GCF Orientation

GCG Probation

GCH Supervision

GCI Evaluation

GCJ Promotion

GCK Discipline

GCKA Suspension

GCKB Reduction in Support Staff

GCL Tenure

GCM Transfer

GCN Dismissal of Support Personnel

GCO Resignation

GCP Reemployment

GCQ Retirement

GCR General Duties and Responsibilities

GCRA Health Examinations

GCRB Time Schedules

GCRC Work Load

GCRD Overtime Pay

GCRE (Reserved)

GCRF Nonschool Employment

GCRG Leaves and Absences

GCRGA Emergency and Legal

GCRGB Illness

GCRGC Maternity

GCRGD Military

GCRGE Religious

GCRGF Bereavement

GCRH Vacations

GCRI Holidays

GCS Employee Organizations


HA Personnel Negotiations

HAA Legal Status

HAB Goals and Objectives

HAC Scope of Negotiations

HAD Board Rights and Duties

HAE Board Negotiating Agent

HAF Superintendent's Role

HAG Staff Rights and Responsibilities

HAH Staff Negotiating Organization (Cf. GBS)

HAI Bargaining Meeting Procedures

HAJ Preliminary Agreement Disposition

HAK Ratification and Implementation Procedures

HAL Announcement of Agreement

HAM Impasse Procedures

HAN Professional Personnel Job Actions

HAO Amendment and Renegotiations Procedures


IA Philosophy

IAA Academic Freedom

IB Instructional Goals

lC Curriculum Development

ID Curriculum

IDA Basic Program

IDAA Educational Assessment Program

IDB Health Education

IDBA Sex Education

IDBB Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug and Substance Abuse Education Program

IDC Extended Programs

IDCC Kindergarten

IDCA Summer School

IDCB Evening (Cf. IDG)

IDCC School Camp

IDCD Travel Study (Cf. JQK)

IDCE Advanced College Placement

IDCF Work-Study

IDCG Honors

IDCH Home Study Program

IDD Special Programs (Cf. JQ)

IDDA Disadvantaged

IDDB Remedial

IDDC Homebound Instruction

IDDD Gifted Student

IDDE Driver Training

IDDF Education of Students with Exceptionalities

IDDFA Service Animals in Schools

IDDG Alternative Schools Education Program

IDE Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities

IDFA Interscholastic Athletics

IDG Adult Education

IE Instructional Arrangements (Cf. AC)

IEA Grouping for Instruction

IEB Class Size

IEC Scheduling for Instruction

IED Student Schedules

IEE Team Teaching

IF lnstructional Resources

IFA Instructional Materials

IFAA Textbook Selection and Adoption

IFAB Supplementary Materials Selection & Adoption

IFAC Equipment and Supplies Selection & Adoption

IFB Instructional Services

IFBA Teacher Aides

IFBB Resource Teachers

IFBC Instructional Materials Centers

IFBD School Libraries

IFBE Instructional Television

IFBF Instructional Radio

IFBG Computer Assisted Instruction

IFBGA Student Computer Access and Use

IFC Community Instructional Resources (Cf. MB)

IFCA (Reserved)

IFCB Field Trips and Excursions

IFCC Community Resource Persons

IFCD School Volunteers

IFD Parental Involvement

IFDA Parental Rights/Rights of Student Privacy

IG Guidance and Counseling Plan

IH Academic Achievement

IHA Grading Systems

IHAA Final Examinations

IHAB Report Cards

IHAC Student Conferences

IHAD Parent Conferences

IHB Homework

IHC Class Ranking

IHD Honor Rolls

IHE Promotion and Retention

IHF Graduation Requirements

IHG Credit Recovery

II Testing Programs

IIA Test Selection and Adoption

IIB Test Administration

IIC Use and Dissemination of Test Results

IJ Evaluation of Instructional Program (Cf. MK)

IK Miscellaneous

IKA Teaching Methods

IKB Controversial Issues

IKC Teaching About Religion

IKD School Ceremonies and Observances

IKDA Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

IKDB Graduation Exercises

IKDC School Prayer

IKE Assemblies

IKF School Stores

IKG Book and Science Fairs

IKH Substitute Teaching (Cf. GBRJ)

IKI Lesson Plans


JA Goals and Objectives

JAA Equal Education Opportunities

JB Attendance

JBA Compulsory School Attendance Ages

JBB Entrance Age

JBC School Admission

JBCA Resident Students

JBCB Nonresident Students

JBCBA Tuition

JBCBB Homeless Children and Youth

JBCC Student Assignment

JBCD Transfer and Withdrawal

JBD Student Absences and Excuses

JBCE- Public School Choice

JBE Truancy

JBF Student Dismissal Precautions

JBG Readmissions

JC Rights and Responsibilities

JCA Civil Rights of Minors

JCAA Due Process

JCAB Student Searches

JCABA Searches of Student's Person

JCABB Use of Metal Detectors

JCABC Student Interrogation

JCB Student Involvement In Decision making

JCD Student Conduct

JCDA Behavior Code

JCDAA Student Smoking/Use of Tobacco

JCDAB Student Alcohol and Drug Use

JCDAC Dangerous Weapons

JCDAD School Bus Conduct

JCDAE Electronic Communication Devices

JCDAF - Bullying and Hazing

JCDB Dress Code

JCE Complaints and Grievances

JCEA (Reserved)

JCEB Hearing Procedure

JCEC Demonstrations of Students

JCED Student Sexual Harassment

JD Discipline

JDA Corporal Punishment

JDB Detention

JDC Probation

JDD Suspension

JDE Expulsion

JDF Discipline of Students with Disabilities

JDG Zero Tolerance

JE Guidance Program

JF Academic Achievement

JG Student Welfare

JGA Student Insurance Program

JGB School Wellness

JGC Student Health Services

JGCA Physical Examinations

JGCB Immunizations

JGCC Communicable/Infectious Diseases


JGCD Administration of Medication

JGCE Child Abuse

JGD Crisis Intervention

JGE Student Social Services

JGEA Home Visits

JGF Student Safety

JGFA Emergency Drills (Cf. EBBC)

JGFB Supervision of Students

JGFC (Reserved)

JGFD Safety Patrols

JGFE Bicycle Use

JGFF Student Use of Personal Vehicles

JGFG Illness and Accidents

JGFH Student Identification

JH Student Activities

JHA Activities Fees

JHB Activities Funds Management

JHC Student Organizations

JHD Social Events

JHE Student Publications

JI Student Volunteers

JJ Employment of Students

JK Solicitations

JKA Solicitations of Students

JKB Solicitations by Students

JL Gifts

JM (Reserved)

JN (Reserved)

JO Student-Community Relations

JP Student-Staff Relations

JQ Students With Special Needs

JQA Physically Impaired Students

JQB Mentally Impaired

JQC Perceptually Impaired

JQD Emotionally Disturbed

JQE Pregnant

JQF Married

JQG Unwed Mothers

JQH Drop-Outs

JQI Post-Secondary

JQJ Adult

JQK Exchange

JQL Veterans

JR Student Privacy and Educational Records

JS Student Fees, Fines, and Charges


KA School Board Public Relations

KB Public Information Program

KBA Public's Right to Know

KBB School-Sponsored Information Media

KBC News Media Relations

KBCA News Releases

KBCB News Conferences and lnterviews

KBCC Board Meeting News Coverage

KBCD Sports and Special Events Coverage

KBCDA Broadcasting and Taping

KBD Speaker Services

KBE Information Campaigns

KBF Use of Students

KC Board-Community Relations

KD Staff-Community Relations

KDA Staff Participation In Community Activities

KDB Staff Public Appearance

KDC Solicitations

KE Student-Community Relations

KEA Community Activities and Performance

KEB Interviews with Students

KF Community Instructional Resources (Cf. MB)

KG Use of School Facilities

KH Public Gifts

KI Free Materials Distribution In Schools

KIA Political Campaign Materials

KIB Special Interest Materials

KJ Advertising in the Schools

KK Public Sales on School Property

KL Public Use of School Records

KM Visitors to the Schools

KN Complaints


LA Goals and Objectives

LB School-Community Relations

LC School-Community Programs

LD School-General Government Relations

LDA Local Government

LDAA Fiscal Authorities

LDAB Taxation Authorities

LDAC Elections Board (Cf. ABCD)

LDAD Public Anti-Poverty Authorities

LDAE Public Housing Authorities

LDAF Public Health Authorities

LDAG Public Welfare Authorities

LDAH Parks Department

LDAI Recreation Department

LDAJ Police Department

LDAK Fire Department (Cf. EBBA, JGFA)

LDAL Civil Defense Agency (Cf. EBBC, JGFA)

LDAM Industrial Development Authorities

LDAN Planning Authorities

LDAO Zoning Authorities

LDB State Government

LDBA Legislative Representatives

LDBB State Employment Department

LDC Federal Government

LDCA Congressional Representatives

LE School-Community Organizations Relations

LEA Private Social Service Agencies

LEB Parents Organizations

LEC Booster Organizations

LED Churches

LEE Human Relations Organizations

LEF Neighborhood Associations

LEG Business and Labor Organizations


MA Goals and Objectives

MB Local Cultural Institutions Relations (Cf. IFC, KF)

MBA Libraries

MBB Museums

MC Private Schools Relations

MCA Shared Services

MCB Released Time for Religious Instruction (Cf. JBF)

MD lnterdistrict Relations

MDA Shared Services

ME Education Research and Service Centers

MEA Regional Service Centers

MF Colleges and Universities

MFA Shared Services

MFB Student Teaching and Internships

MFC Advanced College Placement

MG Associations

MGA Professional Associations (Cf. GBS)

MGB School Boards Associations

MH State Education Agency Relations

MI United States Office of Education Relations

MJ Educational Accreditation Agency Relations

Notice of Discrimination

The Livingston Parish School Board does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, national origin, disability or gender in its educational programs and activities (including employment and application for employment), and it is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of gender by Title IX (20 USC 168) and on the basis of disability by Section 504 (42 USC 794). The Title IX Coordinator is Stephen Parrill

Livingston Parish Public Schools is committed to ensuring that all websites and web applications, both public-facing and for internal use, conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (W.C.A.G.) 2.0 Level AA. Any issues should be reported toLPWebAccessibility@lpsb.org. (stephen.parrill@lpsb.org), Assistant Superintendent, P.O. Box 1130, Livingston, LA 70754; Phone (225) 686-7044. The Special Education Director is Dr. Eric Penalber (eric.penalber@lpsb.org); the LPPS 504 Coordinator is Monica Sullivan (monica.sullivan33@lpsb.org), P.O. Box 1130 Livingston, LA 70754; Phone (225)686-4248.

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